Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dynamic music suites spanning the entire franchise by Kejero

Tomb Raider music fan Kejero has accomplished a massive task of orchestrating and arranging the franchise's thematic motifs into sections of dynamically interplaying music. Most of the score sections are matched by ear with their original counterparts, amongst exciting new mashups with original flare, spanning the entire Tomb Raider video game saga as well as the two major motion pictures by Revell & Silvestri.

"I've recently finished work on a unique experiment that I've been working on during the last two years: a music suite blending music from all the major Tomb Raider games and both movies, driven by a dynamic music system that allows the listener to tell the orchestra at any time to transition to a different section of the suite. It's a work of love and nostalgia, and that's what I'm hoping to evoke from all the people who love this music as much as I do." - Kejero

The talented arrangement of concatenated suites has been presented in two static (non-dynamic) forms by the names of The Sanctum of the Ancients & That Kind of Attention, each running 9 whole minutes. The resulting 18 minutes of material is an ode to the last 18 years of Tomb Raider. Furthermore, the music can be experienced how it was intended to be - as an interactive dynamic audio presentation @ Feel free to also like the muso's Facebook page.


  1. A beautiful blend to remind that Troels indeed quoted the original TR music.

  2. thank you for sharing this news i really appreciate you.


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