Friday, September 17, 2021

Additional album Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness MIDI Demos released by legacy composer Peter Connelly

The Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness MIDI Demos is released by composer Peter Connelly today, being the fifth (5th!) album within the Dark Angel Symphony project. MIDI Demos contains an eclectic mix of musical instrument digital interface versions of previously released material, demos for ultimately unused cues, plus previously unreleased electronic in-game score. The collection is also hot off the heels of the Tomb Raider Suite: Synth Mixes, published by Nathan McCree last month, which instead aimed to embody the Playstation-era timbre with authentic sound reciprocation of the original titles.

While the Synth Mixes approach doesn't exactly apply here, at first glance, the MIDI Demos may not strictly entail exact soundtrack material from the franchise's sixth entry. Perhaps this is for good reason, as this is advertised as an album of demos. But, most importantly, this rare collection does indeed contain unprecedented representations of material from particular stages of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness (2003). Levels such as Le Serpent Rouge ("Le Serpent Rouge"), Storm Drains/Louvre Galleries ("Sewage Pollutant") & Strahov Fortress ("Prague Metropolis") were accompanied by electronically mixed tracks in-game. Both the pity and consolation here is that the applicable final-use cues incorporated the real-instrumentation of the Abbey Road Studios recordings, however, these "demos" are nearly indistinguishable (albeit the infamous "Le Serpent Rouge" bass doesn't quite 'slap' the same in its extended form). The electronic/orchestral mixes were strangely and entirely omitted from Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness Remastered (2019), and the MIDI Demos release begs the question - have they actually now seen the light of day?

The Dark Angel Symphony store sadly closed earlier this year, but the digital-only publication of MIDI Demos is available via all good music retailers, including streaming services and digital music stores. The crowd-funded production and historical release of the Tomb Raider: Dark Angel Symphony marked the first standalone, commercially available music by legacy Tomb Raider composer Peter Connelly. The Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness MIDI Demos joins MoTR's commercial discography catalogue and the ever-growing collection of officially sanctioned franchise albums. Full track-listing after the jump below.

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness MIDI Demos

  1. Angel of Darkness [MIDI Demo] [2:34]
  2. Cabal Attack [MIDI Demo] [2:14]
  3. Dance Of The Lux Veritatis [MIDI Demo] [1:36]
  4. Darkened Season 1 [MIDI Demo] [0:30]
  5. Darkened Season 3 [MIDI Demo] [0:38]
  6. From The Ashes [MIDI Demo] [0:39]
  7. From The Shadows [MIDI Demo] [1:46]
  8. Hall Of Seasons [MIDI Demo] [2:08]
  9. Infiltrating The Strahov [MIDI Demo] [2:45]
  10. Karel [MIDI Demo] [2:07]
  11. Le Serpent Rouge [MIDI Demo] [3:09]
  12. Le Serpent Rouge Extended [MIDI Demo] [4:05]
  13. Looking Back [MIDI Demo] [0:33]
  14. Looking Back Again [MIDI Demo] [0:33]
  15. Paris Intro [MIDI Demo] [1:11]
  16. Prague Metropolis [MIDI Demo] [2:30]
  17. Reading The Ghost [MIDI Demo] [1:05]
  18. Sewage Pollutant [MIDI Demo] [4:00]
  19. Sewage Reconnaissance [MIDI Demo] [1:17]
  20. Shadow Of The Monstrum [MIDI Demo] [1:30]
  21. Stealth Alert High [MIDI Demo] [0:44]
  22. Stealth Alert Low [MIDI Demo] [0:55]
  23. Stealth Proto [MIDI Demo] [0:41]
  24. Stealth Tactics [MIDI Demo] [0:46]
  25. The Accused [MIDI Demo] [2:51]
  26. The Cold [MIDI Demo] [0:25]
  27. The Duel [MIDI Demo] [1:37]
  28. The Finding [MIDI Demo] [0:14]
  29. The Moment [MIDI Demo] [0:16]
  30. The One Mystery [MIDI Demo] [0:44]
  31. The Sadness Within [MIDI Demo] [0:33]
  32. The Search For Eckhardt [MIDI Demo] [3:36]
  33. The Unseen Attacks [MIDI Demo] [2:16]
  34. Time For Change [MIDI Demo] [0:44]
  35. Twisted Strings [MIDI Demo] [0:30]


Total Running Time: 53 minutes, 46 seconds

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