Friday, May 01, 2015

Featured tracks on Crystal Compass Radio: May 1st 2015

The second instalment of Crystal Compass Radio within the re-launched Crystal Compass Podcast (previously titled "The Crystal Habit") drops today. The dedicated musical section featuring musical breaks with both classic and more recent Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider tracks is hosted by Senior Community Manager, Meagan Marie:

"And now for Crystal Compass Radio, prior to our Crystal Classic feature. This episode we'll be listening to the masterfully crafted 'Venice Violins' by Nathan McCree and the haunting main theme to the Angel of Darkness by Peter Connelly. Have a request for what track you'd like to hear next month? Send your thoughts to Enjoy!" - MM

As quoted, this episode's tracks include "Venice" from Tomb Raider II, composed by Nathan McCree, as well as "Angel of Darkness", serving as Peter Connelly's titular theme from the 2003 entry to the Tomb Raider video game series performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Both tracks also appear in MoTR's community and commercial discographies. Throughout the podcast also keep your ears alert for the suspected Rise of the Tomb Raider cues used as interludes during the show!

The Crystal Compass Podcast can be listened to and subscribed to via iTunes. MoTR will continue to cover the Crystal Compass Radio segments which serve as official acknowledgement of Crystal Dynamics' back-catalogue of musical assets (acquired when the series was transferred from original Tomb Raider developer Core Design) that are yet to be commercialised. Stay tuned for more tracks next time.

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