Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crystal Dynamics' Meagan Marie: "Our goal [is] to make sure that we release a soundtrack"

Crystal Dynamics Community Manager Meagan Marie replied to an eager fan on the Official Tomb Raider blog last week, stating:

Our goal [is] to make sure that we release a soundtrack. Karl loves soundtracks, so it will likely happen. :)

This is the first word of a possible commercialisation of a Tomb Raider score in 15 years of the franchise. Let's hope a Tomb Raider (2012) soundtrack release happens.

P.S. Follow this link to listen to the second Crystal Habit podcast, and hear not only about Global Brand Director Karl Stewart's love for Hans Zimmer's Inception, but also the beginning snippet of the score to the Tomb Raider "Turning Point" trailer.

The identity of the composer for "Turning Point", who also in that pod-cast is confirmed to be "a complete new composer and somebody who we've brought in to work on the game as well", will be elaborated upon later this year.


  1. This is awesome! xD

    I loved the music in the trailer and I really hope they decide to release it <3

  2. Not that good news really. Currently they allow fan sites to host soundtracks to the games (intros, backgrounds, incidentals, everything). But if the next one is commercial, not only will you have to pay for it, but it's unlikely you'll get one that's as comprehensive as the current fan extracted ones. I prefer to listen to the whole score, not just the good bits they cherry pick for a CD.


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