Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Composition from Eugene Des inspired by TR: Survivor's Guilt

Classic and "resurrected" reboot Tomb Raider fan Eugene Des proves quite the maestro, having submitted the above fan tribute composition to MoTR for publication. Although composing the piece was an in-the-moment idea after seeing the film Tomb Raider (2018), the video game composer Jason Graves is a huge inspiration to Des and this piece somewhat of a dedication to the work of Graves. The resulting creation is actually Des' version of Lara's theme, set to the 2014 comics series #1 issue "Survivor's Guilt":

"[The piece is] divided [into] four parts with its jungle-vibe intro, followed by Tomb Raider main adventure melody... [then a] more intimate but strong theme [especially] for Lara’s character, with its battling woodwinds/strings and brass finally resolving as one by the end. [The] outro gives us a hint of future adventures, a destiny waiting for her..." - Eugene Des

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