Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Peter Connelly releases unreleased material in complete Tomb Raider: Chronicles soundtrack package

Tomb Raider classics composer Peter Connelly today releases the last of his "complete" soundtrack packages, Tomb Raider: Chronicles, one of three titles headlined by the talented Englishman. This follows the releases of Tomb Raider IV - The Last Revelation Soundtrack and Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness - Original Abbey Road Mixes earlier this year. The 90-track Chronicles album includes rare and unreleased material in high quality downloadable WAV format. Connelly elaborates:

"Please let me introduce to you the COMPLETE soundtrack to "Tomb Raider V - Chronicles". This set also contains JUST the music from Cutscenes and FMV, the first time they've been available without sound effects. It also includes an unused track, all the in-game atmospheres and the FULL version of Moonlight Sonata used on FMV sequences." - PC

This marks the first time release of said cut-scene scores in over 12 years; cues that until now have remained rarities. Follow this link with due anticipation for acquisition via his official soundcloud page, "Peter Conz Connelly".

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