Monday, March 12, 2012

Rarity #3: AOD's complete introduction music

Continuing MoTR's Rarities series is an entry from the last of Core Design's classics, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, released in 2003. The game's score is composed by Peter Connelly, with contributions by Martin Iveson. It is a unique iteration of the series in that the soundtrack was performed live by the London Symphony Orchestra at the famous Abbey Road Studios in 2002 (orchestrated by Peter Wraight and conducted by David Snell).

A large portion of TRAOD's score was officially released under enclosure - purchasable within a limited window of opportunity alongside the region-variant collector's editions of the game. The identical material was provided either on DVD (amongst other content) or in a standalone and promotional audio CD format. Details will be available soon in our commercial discography catalogue.

However, as with any conventional soundtrack release, material is missing. And especially attributed to the Tomb Raider soundtracks, a commonly absent entity is a musical cue that accompanies a cut-scene. Surprisingly, this particular rarity actually opens Angel of Darkness (during the "chase" cinematic), so it's rare status is of a higher degree. While parts of the video's music is accounted for (and the footage below is cut down to reflect this) - simply re-used pieces that also feature in-game - a lengthy and dramatic piece from 0:44 seconds onwards is entirely unobtainable in it's raw form:

A unique and specific score to the chase scene, as an unusually dishevelled Croft escapes French police dogs in an urban alleyway, the piece incorporates a variation of the original Tomb Raider motif (heard from 1:13) composed by Nathan McCree in 1996 - for the first time in film-like fashion. Also unaccounted for, the first 20 seconds of music features in several cut-scenes throughout the game. Ignore 0:20 to 0:44; this music is obtainable via our soon-to-be-detailed community developed soundtracks - it plays during the fight with Brother Obscura in the Tomb of Ancients and thus exists in the program files. While not shown, the beginning and the end of this introduction cinematic feature similarly acquirable tracks.

Update: With the release of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness- Original Abbey Road Mixes, the music from 0:20-0:44 is now accounted for; it is a snippet from the recording known as "The Search for Ekhardt". 18 July 2012: Additionally, the "Paris Intro FMV" was released today. This entire Rarity is now accounted for.

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    No game rips here!!! These are the raw and untouched final mixes direct from Abbey Road studios. Music written by Peter Connelly / Martin Iveson. Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, June 2002.

    (from Peter Connelly's official soundcloud profile)

    P.S. You could write a thread with this. :-)


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