Friday, January 27, 2012

Composer Rob Lord denies Tomb Raider rumours

Not entirely unexpected due to the increasing likelihood that Jason Graves is scoring the Tomb Raider reboot, composer Rob Lord kindly left MoTR a comment yesterday (which we verified via Twitter) confirming no involvement with the fifth franchise-related title from Redwood City developer Crystal Dynamics.

Community & Communication Manager, Meagan Marie, has intimated that announcements for the composer and voice actress for Croft are planned in 2012. With video game music production and commercialisation becoming as common as its film media counterpart, anticipation is certainly high.

Feel free to vote in the poll on our sidebar for who you think is composing the score to Tomb Raider (2012), and please leave us a comment if you believe somebody is missing from our list of likely candidates. The latest musical samples derived from the Crystal Habit podcasts are available to steam below:

In other news, MoTR made the recently published Official Tomb Raider Fanste Directory , and was also featured in the previous week's Community Round Up at the Official Tomb Raider Blog. Do check the links out!

Update: Tomb Raider (2012) has been pushed back to Q1 2013.

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