Saturday, September 05, 2015

Original Tomb Raider theme as recreated by Simon Spark

Tomb Raider music fan Simon Spark has submitted the above faithful remake of legacy composer Nathan McCree's original "Tomb Raider Theme" to MoTR. Not unlike prior re-renders of Tomb Raider III by tomekkobialka, Spark is in the dedicated process of remaking the remainder of 1996's Tomb Raider score. The (work in progress) playlist can be accessed via YouTube - the creator elaborates below:

"I've always been a big fan of the original Tomb Raider, more than any other game in the franchise, and the sense of awe, mystery and wonder that game impressed upon me (and many others I'm sure) way back in 1996 remains a fond memory thanks to Nathan McCree's music. It was like nothing else I'd heard in a video game and it even contributed to me becoming interested in making music myself.

So I created this piece mainly for fun and as something of a tribute. The Roland hardware that the TR1 score was created with was sounding a little dated to me so I set out to remake the main theme anew. Importantly though, I didn't want to reinterpret the music but rather stay as faithful to the original as I could. This took a lot of listening to the piece, picking out the notes by ear and re-creating it inside my DAW. It was a process I enjoyed so much that I'm thinking of doing the same for other early Tomb Raider tracks so, should I have time, I'll probably do exactly that." - Simon Spark

Please feel free to support and appreciate Simon Spark's efforts via the following media links, where he has also published a remake of the mansion theme from Resident Evil (1996), as well as a reinterpretation of Gareth Coker's main theme from Ori and the Blind Forest (2015). If you are interested in submitting a fan tribute piece to feature on MoTR yourself, head over to our contact page for the full details.

Simon Spark
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