Monday, December 09, 2019

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Original Soundtrack released

Brian D'Oliveira has released a standalone Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Original Soundtrack, more than a year after the title closed the reboot trilogy of the video game franchise. The album features 28 tracks, many of which are previously unreleased, and over 15 minutes of expanded material - including entries for "Lara's Dream" (a.k.a. "Croft Manor") as well as the highly sought after "San Juan Suite".

Shadow of the Tomb Raider music has been released in prior packages, being an enclosed album included with special retail editions of the game as well as "The Conceptual Album" promotional release to accompany Official Playstation Magazine #154. Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Original Soundtrack joins MoTR's catalogue as part of the Tomb Raider commercial discography.

The release hits all good digital music retailers today, plus a physical deluxe 2 x LP vinyl in gatefold sleeve on blue & orange 180g discs lands in February 2020 (pre-order via Laced Records). The definitive Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Original Soundtrack track-listing is as follows:

  1. Prelude [2:01]**
  2. Overture [3:08]
  3. Ruins at Cozumel [2:52]
  4. Path of the Stars [1:13]*
  5. Trinity Pursuit [3:40]
  6. Trinity Confrontation [1:52]
  7. Creation & Destruction [1:12]
  8. Innocent Death [2:21]
  9. One With the Jungle [2:04]
  10. Lost in the Jungle [2:04]**
  11. Lara's Dream Part One: Home [4:01]*
  12. Dream Puzzle Part One: Upper Gallery [1:07]*
  13. Dream Puzzle Part Two: The White Queen [1:12]*
  14. Lara's Dream Part Two: Amelia & Richard [1:58]*
  15. Paititi (City of the Serpent) [4:18]
  16. Cenote [3:13]
  17. Return to Paititi [3:33]
  18. Sacrifice [3:18]
  19. All is Lost [1:38]*
  20. The Beach [1:37]*
  21. Ritual [2:35]**
  22. Baptism of Fire [2:28]
  23. Hope [3:20]
  24. San Juan Suite: Catacombs [2:54]**
  25. San Juan Suite: Via Veritas Vitae [1:48]**
  26. San Juan Suite: The Chosen [2:39]
  27. Death of the Sun [8:22]
  28. Goodbye Paititi [4:10]
Total Running Time: 76 minutes
*previously unreleased **previous promotional release

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Digital Tomb Raider Suite album released in high fidelity to backers, McCree assures physical pledge rewards en route

Tomb Raider (1996), Tomb Raider II (1997) & Tomb Raider III (1998) composer Nathan McCree updates The Tomb Raider Suite Kickstarter backers this week, many of whom are still waiting for their tiered physical rewards such as deluxe tin CDs and vinyl pressings of the album. The update follows recent allegations that the 2016-funded project has financially stalled.

McCree today assures that manufacturing of vinyl and deluxe tin CDs has now been ordered. The Tomb Raider Suite album is also distributed to backers in high resolution digital formats today, including free lossless audio codec (FLAC). Check your emails to download this package, as provided.

Available for streaming and digital download at all good music retailers, with general release of the CD album purchasable now, The Tomb Raider Suite encompasses the music of the legacy trilogy starring Lara Croft, realised for the first time with extended material as recorded by a full orchestra.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Allegations made by The Tomb Raider Suite ex-Production Manager include that the project has financially stalled

Following months upon months of delays to promised goods, ex-Production Manager on The Tomb Raider Suite, Tracie-Anne Swift, has published an open forum post alleging that the project has run out of money. She requests all affected backers (who have not received their pledges since the project was funded in 2017) contact her to establish the magnitude of any wrongdoing.

"The Tomb Raider Suite has no money left, it really is as simple as that. And it hasn’t had any funds for a very, very long time." - Tracie-Anne Swift

The Tomb Raider Suite Kickstarter has been updating its backers regularly over the past 2 years, detailing production delays throughout this time. Last we heard from composer Nathan McCree, all jewel CD cases had been shipped to backers. Those pledges promised deluxe tin CDs, vinyl albums and more, are still affected by manufacturing delays. The allegations subsequently leave those in waiting concerned.

The Tomb Raider Suite team including Swift, McCree & Meagan Marie

As well as lack of pledge fulfillment for some supporters, Swift alleges that for high-tier backers the San Francisco buffet event is compromised as deposit(s) made have been absorbed into the project's mismanagement and financial delays. Complaints of inappropriate conduct have also been made.

The Tomb Raider Suite exceeded its fundraising goal of £180,000 in 2016, backed by 2,615 fans. The project consists of the 2016 premiere Tomb Raider - Live In Concert, the digital album released in late 2018, a yet-to-be-released documentary film entitled Tomb Raider: Remastered as well as a promised world tour of the live show slated to kick-off in Australia.

Update, 21st June 2019: Nathan McCree has made an official response through an update on the Kickstarter platform (full post after the jump below). The allegations still stand in the original open forum.