Monday, May 28, 2018

Martin Stig Andersen attached to Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Composer Martin Stig Andersen has been attached to the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider, if the website of the award-winning Dane is anything to go by. A seemingly unpublished node lists credentials for "TOMB RAIDER: Ambient music design (underwater) for The Shadow of the Tomb Raider". Andersen is well known in the video game music sphere with his ambient work on Limbo (2010) and Inside (2016).

We first heard music for Shadow of the Tomb Raider in March, but the composer is yet to be officially announced. The attachment of Andersen, as per his website description, does not indicate that he is involved in the capacity of main composer - there perhaps could be more than one on board, with Andersen writing supplementary music only. The thematic motif created for the rebooted series by composer Jason Graves carries over, last utilised by Bobby Tahouri in 2015's Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the eleventh pillar instalment of the Tomb Raider franchise - starring the pop-culturally iconic Lara Croft, to be released worldwide on September 14th, 2018. Owners of special retail editions are to receive a dedicated soundtrack album release to download.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Original Game Soundtrack album to be released digitally as enclosed in special retail editions

Shadow of the Tomb Raider and its numerous retail editions were officially revealed today and the next pillar instalment of the long-running video game franchise is now available to pre-order. With this announcement it is clear that the Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Original Game Soundtrack is to be released as enclosed in the following versions of the game:
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Croft Edition
  • Digital Croft Edition
  • Collector's/Ultimate Edition (territory dependent)

What is not clear is if the physical special retail editions will include a physical CD or a digital download format for the release - we have made an enquiry with Square Enix. Regardless, this marks a continuing trend of dedicated soundtrack releases for the Tomb Raider franchise and the album has entered MoTR's commercial discography. Update: the enclosed soundtrack album is presented in digital format only.

We've already heard some (presumably) in-game music from Shadow but the composer is yet to be announced. Jason Graves has declined involvement, while Rise of the Tomb Raider's Bobby Tahouri could be likely to return. Shadow of the Tomb Raider releases worldwide on September 14th, 2018.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Junkie XL holds "Now Score This" Tomb Raider competition

Tomb Raider (2018) composer Tom Holkenborg is following on from his "Studio Time" episodes with a "Now Score This" competition attracting aspiring composers. Holkenborg has opened the floor for submissions inspired by any and every iteration of the pop-culturally relevant icon Lara Croft.

With MoTR covering Tomb Raider Music fan tributes on the regular, we'll attempt to update this post with the #NowScoreThis SoundCloud contributions as shared by Holkenborg. Submissions close May 3rd