Thursday, July 02, 2015

Lyrical Tomb Raider theme as covered by Forest Elves

Talented duo Merry & Jordi, each half of the musical outfit Forest Elves, have submitted a vocally layered and rhythmic cover of the original Tomb Raider theme as crafted by legacy composer Nathan McCree. The track is a combination of elements from the 1996 Tomb Raider main theme as well as 1998's Adventures of Lara Croft main theme, with of course some original flair from Forest Elves:

Utilsing the lyrics "Bela miro de la mondo kion mi trovos sur mia vojago?" to allude to Croft's adventures, the track has garnered over 10,000 combined plays on YouTube and SoundCloud from which the piece can be downloaded. The pair have offered to elaborate on the project to MoTR below:

"For this version of the song I was very inspired by the first and third Tomb Raider themes. Both have always been my favourite out of all theme songs and actually the third Tomb Raider game is my favourite of the series. So naturally I included my favourite parts of the two songs into the instrumental." - Merry
"One of the first games I remember playing as a child was the very first Tomb Raider. I will always remember running away from the wolves and avoiding being underwater for to long; both of which made this child extremely anxious! But above all, I always enjoyed the music, which is why I suggested to Merry that we arrange a tribute cover. We put our heads together and decided that we wanted to add vocals too. We were both learning Esperanto together; a language that brings many other languages together. I felt it was fitting, just as Lara Croft travels the world and experiences so many different cultures!" - Jordi

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