Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Tomb Raider Suite album to launch digitally October 26th, 2018 - theme track, album artwork & tracklisting revealed

Following numerous production delays throughout 2018, The Tomb Raider Suite album is finally seeing the light of day. Composer Nathan McCree has today released to backers of the Kickstarter-funded project their copies of the digital album, with a general (digital) release to the public this Friday October 26th. The Tomb Raider Suite will hit all good digital music retailers and streaming services.

The Tomb Raider Suite consists of re-recorded and extended material from Tomb Raider (1996), Tomb Raider II (1997) & Tomb Raider III (1998). Jessica Curry's Classic FM had the privilege of premiering "The Tomb Raider Theme" from The Tomb Raider Suite earlier this week:

The manufacturing and release of other merchandise, including the CD and Vinyl albums, are to be detailed in future updates. The album artwork features above and the full tracklisting for The Tomb Raider Suite is revealed as follows, also catalogued in MoTR's commercial discography:

  1. The Temple Of Xian [2:18]
  2. Tomb Raider Theme [3:14]
  3. Where The Depths Unfold [1:54]
  4. A Friend Since Gone [3:00]
  5. The T-Rex [3:07]
  6. A Long Way Down [3:26]
  7. Longing For Home [3:09]
  8. Time To Run [3:24]
  9. Tomb Raider 2 Theme [3:08]
  10. Vertigo [3:34]
  11. Venice [2:57]
  12. Lara [3:50]
  13. The Skidoo [3:05]
  14. Precious Moments [5:45]
  15. Tomb Raider 3 Theme [2:20]
  16. The Puzzle Element [3:55]
  17. Something Spooky In That Jungle [3:46]
  18. Tony (The Loon) [2:58]
  19. The Cavern Sewers [3:06]
  20. She's Cool [3:07]
  21. In The Blood [3:57]
  22. Tomb Raider Medley [7:26]
  23. Tomb Raider 2 Medley [7:44]
  24. Tomb Raider 3 Medley [8:28]
Total Running Time: 93 minutes


  1. Here is a Spotify link to listen to the album:

  2. 4 tracks have their Roland synth version on Nathan's SoundCloud


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