Monday, October 02, 2017

Dean Kopri publishes new fan-piece of nostalgic melody

Legacy fan composer Dean Kopri has published a new composition on his YouTube Channel, Dean Music Production, amalgamating thematic motifs from Nathan McCree's Tomb Raider games, Peter Connelly's Tomb Raider games and Alan Silvestri's Tomb Raider film scores. Elmas Mehmet provides vocals.

Kopri has been creating nostalgic Tomb Raider fan music tributes since 2008, even contributing as lead composer on Tomb Raider community Level Editor projects. He comments:

"...usually writing music for the game means that you are limited by the atmosphere, location, gameplay... And you need to be careful not to overdo it, especially when it comes to the in-game music tracks. I've been missing making something more adventurous, lighter, louder (avoiding the word "epic") - something that doesn't necessary need to fit the game, but still sounds familiar." - Dean Kopri

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