Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tomb Raider: Original Soundtrack by Jason Graves launches, sold out, to a veritable triumph of critical acclaim

The Tomb Raider: Original Soundtrack CD is sold out on Amazon!

Get your copy of the Tomb Raider: Original Soundtrack today! Now available:

Via Sumthing Else Music Works and in conjunction with Square Enix, BAFTA-winning composer Jason Graves accomplishes the first Tomb Raider video game soundtrack release in 17 years of the franchise with the publication of the Tomb Raider: Original Soundtrack. To much anticipation from fans, old and new, the official release of this body of music marks a triumph in the growing video game music industry. The demand as a collectible is maximally quenched as the first batch of the physical Audio CD sells out on major retailer Amazon.com:

When asked by MoTR; "how does it feel to pioneer the physical and digital sale of a standalone Tomb Raider soundtrack?"; Graves responded:

"Like I’m the luckiest person in the world. Ultimately, as a composer, we have no say in the matter. We don’t own the music. So props to Karl [Stewart] and marketing in general for pushing everything ahead. I think part of it is [that] people are getting wise and realizing that there is an interest in video game music... 10 years ago, if this game was being done and I were the composer, they probably wouldn't be releasing a soundtrack back then." - JG

Tomb Raider is a reboot of the iconic franchise, emphasising the reconstructed origins of renowned pop-culture heroine, Lara Croft. Detailed in the Sound of Survival featurette, Jason was tasked with creating an entirely new musical sound-scape for the title. The composer collaborated with his local sculptor and friend Matt McConnell to build "The Instrument" - a custom invention that provides a range of percussion timbres to the game's soundtrack, truly making the music to Tomb Raider a unique experience.

Both Tomb Raider and its intuitive soundtrack continue to receive praise from critics:
"‎With Tomb Raider: Original Soundtrack, Jason Graves Music has created something special...It’s early to be handing out 'Best of 2013' laurels, but future soundtracks are going to have to try pretty hard to top this." 10/10 - Forbes

"What a score!...If I hear a greater video game score in 2013 I’ll be very surprised." 5/5 - Film Score Monthly [PDF]

"Jason Graves’s Tomb Raider is a highly affecting and stylized album that further elevates his already legendary status among video game music composers." 4.5/5 - Film Music Media

"A delicate central musical theme weaves in and out to great effect" - GameInformer

"Tomb Raider... sounds as good as it feels. Jason Graves' powerfully tense score hit[s] the right tone" - Huffington Post

"Composer Jason Graves actually invented entirely new musical instruments for this project." - NPR

"... [a] remarkable complementary soundtrack adds suitable gravitas to all the game's best moments." - Destructoid

"The soundtrack... [is] excellent. The orchestral soundtrack sets the tone for a truly cinematic experience." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Jason Graves‘ haunting score gives Lara a soaring, emotional new theme while emphasizing the tribal nature of the island of Yamatai. Graves went to great lengths to give the new Lara a distinct musical feel; he actually commissioned a North Carolina artist to create a huge metal sculpture that he used to create a variety of eerie percussion sounds, chimes, and tones. The game deserves a phenomenal score with a big sound, and Graves delivers." - Geek Exchange

"The soundtrack ...is worthy of praise... it's particularly noticeable that real care was given to sequencing the music. It's not just loud for action, quiet for stealth -- sometimes it seems to switch genres depending on the environment: at times there's a booming orchestra, at others it sounds almost like Balinese gamelan. I kept noticing how much I enjoyed this soundtrack." - Wired UK

Expect reviews pertaining particularly to the music album to follow this week! They shall be included above.


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