Sunday, February 05, 2012

Rarity #2: Legend's demo version menu theme

The Tomb Raider: Legend demonstration copy distributed in early 2006 for the Sony PlayStation 2 sports another addition to MoTR's catalogue of Tomb Raider Music Rarities. It is not a readily available acquisition and thus suitably labelled.

A work-in-progress; the menu screen of the demo version does not feature a cross-armed Lara, nor is the game's "Main Theme" playing. Instead, a unique looped composition accompanies a background shot of the unfinished Ghana level, fitting well with the use of recognisable timbres that cover the West Africa segments in the final version of the game. Unfortunately, this piece did not make an appearance in the final shipping of the completed product, nor does it appear buried its program files. Further investigation proves neither is it present in the very different demo for Windows PCs, of which the main menu is more similar in content to the release copies. The rare looping track is sampled below:

Legend's multifarious soundtrack, composed by Crystal Dynamics' in-house and BAFTA winning composer, Troels Brun Folmann, was released in portion and under enclosure via the Tomb Raider: Anniversary [Collector's Edition] in 2007. A full release of the score has yet to be commissioned by Square Enix Europe, parent of Eidos Interactive since 2009.

Thanks to Phlip @ Tomb Raider Forums for providing the recording! Update: MoTR has attempted several methods of reverse engineering over the years to extract this material in its original fidelity. Each time has left us and community aid dead-ended.


  1. This is very cool music. Shit, and why wasn't this menu made in the full version? It would be very helpful. The game is phenomenal, but without such a trifle it has changed.


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